My career as an international human rights lawyer has taken me all over the world, specialising in socio-economic rights – issues like health, education, housing, land, food, water and sanitation, labour and work rights. I’ve also worked with a lot of communities at risk.

I’ve been involved in advising governments and civil society groups in almost every continent in the world (except Antarctica, yet!) on law and policy, and have worked for organisations such as the United Nations, Amnesty International, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation.

These days I run a social enterprise, which consists of a non-profit organisation, the Global Human Rights Clinic, where we train the next generation of human rights defenders, and a boutique international consulting firm called Global Human Rights Consultants, where I take on up-and-coming human rights lawyers and train them via involvement in real world consulting projects.

I do a lot of teaching and training, but a lot of the time these days my work is online, meaning I can work wherever I have internet.

The last 15 years I’ve been based in French-speaking Geneva, Switzerland, relocating to Rotorua in October 2018 and happily swapping my French dictionary for te reo lessons. Although I was brought up in Australia, my family is originally from Rotorua so it was always the place we came for holidays and family time.

As part of my attempt to get integrated and discover more about my local community, I thought it would be useful to start working in a co-working space – I was right. Basecamp’s been a great way of meeting new people, getting a feel for some of what’s going on around town, and discovering things about life in Rotorua I would never have learned working on my own.

What I’m really looking forward to now that I’ve brought my organisation and my life to Rotorua is getting involved, giving back, and contributing to my community.