Dom Glover has recently moved from the UK with his partner to Rotorua! He is our only ‘Brit’ in the office and is really good with a camera!

Dom works as an IT and Systems Engineer and is one of our ‘remote workers’ as he’s still contracting for the company he left in Bristol (Impact IT Solutions) who look after all things IT.
His job role is currently adapting due to the time difference. He’s primarily looking after the infrastructure of hundreds of servers, networks, software installations and upgrades. As he’s working during the night time for the UK, it’s good to work on projects that require ‘out of hours’ work, so he can perform changes/migrations/upgrades/reboots without downtime for end users.

The things Dom likes about working from Digital Basecamp… “Meeting people, the space itself is modern and a nice environment to be in (good plants!), being surrounded by inspirational people in different industries, hearing more about events/talks/workshops, both work-related and socially. Also, personally, it has helped my motivation (compared with working from home) by having routines and commuting by bike each day, seeing more of the place that I live and noticing more in Rotorua.”