Al Shapley is an “IT guy”, officially called a “Site Reliability Consultant”. His clients are typically technical people, most of them are “IT Managers” of medium to large enterprises, mostly across the USA but also in places like Australia and Europe.

It depends on the clients, but Al does things like design systems, map out project deliverables, estimate effort, write code to build infrastructure or automate repetitive tasks, and generally just deliver technical projects that are needed to achieve a given business goal.

What Al likes about Basecamp is “As most of my current role is working with people in the US, its very quiet sometimes for me. The community at Basecamp have been great to fill the social void in that respect, there’s usually someone to go for coffee with, or bounce ideas off of someone. It’s a dynamic environment where everyone understands that a mix of social and professional activities are healthy for us all. It’s also a way I can be aware of things happening within the community, there are some very interesting organisations, people and ideas that I have learnt of since joining Basecamp!”