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Meet our members – Al Shapley – Site Reliability Consultant

Al Shapley is an "IT guy", officially called a "Site Reliability Consultant". His clients are typically technical people, most of them are "IT Managers" of medium to large enterprises, mostly across the USA but also in places like Australia and Europe. It depends on...

Meet our members – Kereti Rautangata – Content Creator

Kereti is a content creator and post production specialist. He mainly creates content for broadcast but also creates content for businesses and agencies. "There is a diverse group of people and businesses working in the same space. I am exposed to things that I would...

Meet our members – Anna Steele – Accountant

Anna Steele is an Accountant, though at Rightway she is a Business Partner. She has been with RightWay for over three years now, previous to that she was an accountant with a firm in Taumarunui. Before that she has a long and varied history including; shepherding,...

Meet our members – Bruce Hill – Practicing Artist

Bruce Hill recently arrived back in Rotorua from many years living abroad in the UAE as a practicing artist and teacher. Bruce says that "it is taking some time to adjust but I am getting there." When he is not adjusting to 'cold' NZ temperatures he is working on his...

Meet our members – Andy Paillou – Marketing Intern

Andy is a business school student from EGC Vendée all the way from France! He is doing a 5 month internship as part of his degree and chose to come all the way to Rotorua New Zealand to work here at Digital Basecamp! Andy is learning about our coworking space,...

Meet our members – Dom Glover – IT Systems Engineer

Dom Glover has recently moved from the UK with his partner to Rotorua! He is our only ‘Brit’ in the office and is really good with a camera! Dom works as an IT and Systems Engineer and is one of our ‘remote workers’ as he's still contracting for the company he left in...

Meet our members – Matt Browning – Consultant

Salt and Tonic is a company with a creative consultancy group that uses unique partnerships to deliver outstanding outcomes. They deliver Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), Virtual Reality arcades, and data dashboards to utilise access to data for better decision making....

Meet our members – Juliana Osario – Researcher

Juliana is a PRO Mountain Biker, when she is not at her desk you will find her in the forest or at a spin class (wishing she was in the forest!). She is also has AH-mazing taste in music and has earned the right to be our Basecamp playlist DJ. Juliana works remotely...

Meet our Members – Oscar Nathan – Consultant

Have you heard about Manaaki Rotorua, Oscar Nathan has recently launched this app Manaaki Rotorua is a training course for Rotorua's customer service department. It is specifically designed to help you and your staff become the best destination ambassadors you can be....

What is the difference between a Hot Desk and a Dedicated Desk?

Coworking is centred around creating a working environment which supports collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, networking and innovation. It is a place where entrepreneurs and freelancers come to work for themselves but not by themselves. Within a coworking...

Meet Our Members – Joel Hensman – Agtech Senior Manager

At Digital Basecamp I love the diversity of people and the range of perspectives to keep challenging your thinking. So much good can come from collaboration, especially now the rate of change is faster than anyone’s ability to learn. It’s an uplifting office space with a great community, and a good balance of work and social activities.

Meet Our Members – Claire Mahon – Director, Global Human Rights Group

As part of my attempt to get integrated and discover more about my local community, I thought it would be useful to start working in a co-working space – I was right. Basecamp’s been a great way of meeting new people, getting a feel for some of what’s going on around town, and discovering things about life in Rotorua I would never have learned working on my own.

Meet Our Members – Josh Dillner – Freelance Developer and Graphic Designer

I love Digital Basecamp as it’s a chance to get out of the home office and hang out with like-minded people. It’s great being able to grab a coffee and chat about what projects are going on, or to drag a couple of other basecamp co-workers off for a gym session. I’m definitely looking forward to more opportunities for collaboration and social stuff as Basecamp grows!

What is Digital Basecamp?

Since starting my new role people have recently been asking, What is Basecamp? So, to settle the score and make it clear, here is a brief explanation of what we do and what we don’t. What Basecamp is... Basecamp is a professional community of like-minded freelancers,...

Business development manager to boost Digital Basecamp growth

One year after its official opening, Rotorua’s Digital Basecamp has secured its spot as the city’s tech industry driver, as the growth in the local IT sector continues. 
The demand in the local sector has prompted the need for a Business Development Manager, with Rotorua’s David Remmerswaal taking the reigns.

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