Since starting my new role people have recently been asking, What is Basecamp?

So, to settle the score and make it clear, here is a brief explanation of what we do and what we don’t.

What Basecamp is…

Basecamp is a professional community of like-minded freelancers, techies, creatives and all-round awesome people within a shared co-working space in the Rotorua CBD.

We have…

  • A collaborative co-working space available to rent by the day, week, month or year.
  • The trendiest office space in town (just saying).
  • The fastest internet in Rotorua thanks to NOW!
  • Board rooms, meeting rooms, showers, kitchens and a coffee machine.
  • A professional environment which fosters innovation in Rotorua.

What Basecamp isn’t…

Basecamp is not to be confused with any of the following;

  1. Basecamp is not a Digital Marketing Agency, but some of our members working within Basecamp can definitely develop an app, build a website or get you on the first page of Google!
  2. While we are bummed we didn’t come up with this SAAS idea first, we don’t offer Project Management Software.
  3. It kind’ve might look that way from the outside but we’re not an internet cafe. But did we mention, we do have the fastest internet in town!
  4. Basecamp is a smoke free environment so you won’t find us smoking our own Venison Salami any time soon.
  5. Thanks to our 24/7 access some members have been known to ‘camp out’ and pull all-nighters, but thankfully we do not have the same climate as a Campsite on Mount Everest.
  6. We also do not manufacture Outdoor Clothing suitable for trekking to the above mentioned campsite.


And that’s it! We hope that clears things up for everyone but if it’s still not quite clear enough, give us a shout!

We would be happy to give you a tour around Basecamp anytime!